Frequently Asked Questions
What is Daily Binary Profits?
It is a state-of-the-art binary option system that generates trading signals on autopilot based on a number of indicators and complex algorithms, giving you the highest probabilities to profit and avoid unnecessary risks, trading in a secure environment.
Is this web-based or a Desktop Application?
The Daily Binary Profit is a desktop application in your computer or laptop. It does not require any browser for it to run and it is totally independent giving you real-time quality trades.
Which Operating Systems are supported by the Daily Binary Profit Ver7?
The Daily Binary Profit Ver7 application is designed around the Microsoft Windows Operating System which is the most commonly used operating system worldwide.
Can the system automatically place trades for me?
The signals are automatic, but the user has to go manually to the broker and place the trades. The reason behind it is that considering the over hundred signals delivered every day, you should choose the ones you want to trade, at the time you want to trade.
I see a lot of systems similar to these, what makes it better than the rest?
A key-advantage in this software compared to others, it that DBPv7 works not only for short term period (60 seconds all the way to 5 minutes) but also works on LONG TERM trades. This is something that makes DBPv7 unique in the market, because the longer term the higher the accuracy rate and therefore the higher your profits will be. this is well known by any professional trader.
How much does the software cost?
DBPv7 is 100% free, forever, and from day one, no trials, no test periods and no tricks. And he reason is that we know it works... we have so much confidence in it, but more importantly, so do the brokers. That's how we managed to negotiate great terms with them, when you make money, so do we and so do the brokers. It's a win-win-win deal.
How can I download the software?
It's very simple... you just need to follow a few quick steps that will probably take you 3 minutes to complete:
  • Go to the DBPV7 homepage and register with your name and email address.
  • You will then be redirected to our recommended brokers page where you have to choose among the list of brokers.
  • After choosing your broker of choice, you will be directed to that broker's sign up page, where you'll need to open and fund your account (NOTE: You MUST use the same email address that you sued to register at DBPv7).
  • Once you have funded your broker account, you'll get an email message with a link to download DBPv7.
  • Once done, launch the software, log in using your email address for validation, and start receiving profitable signals!
NOTE: The DBPv7 software does not need to be set-up and there's no installing process... just download and log in.
What if I already have an existing account with your recommended broker?
You will need to open a new account and fund it in order for the FREE download to proceed.
Can I still download the software after I open a broker account and not fund it yet?
No. The DBP software needs to validate your account, and it's done automatically once you've funded your trading account at one of the recommended brokers.
How do I know that there are new signals coming in?
The system has sound and pop-up alerts whenever a new signal is generated. This ensures you that you wont be missing any of the over 120 accurate daily signals.
I have a laptop and a desktop, can I install the system on both my computers using one account?
Yes. You can use the software on more than one computer However, DBP is license protected. You cannot login on different computers all at the same time. The software will only allow one login location at a time. If you plan on logging in on a different computer, you will need to log in in the new device at least 5 minutes after logging out of a previous computer.
When are signals sent?
The signals are sent in real-time, from Monday through Saturday during working hours in the main world financial markets.
Approximately how many signals will I receive per day?
You can expect getting at least 120 signals per day (depends on the market conditions), which is more than enough for you to get high quality signals anytime you want to trade with DBP.
What is your success rate?
Average success rate of DBPv7 software is 87%
Can I see past results?
Yes, once you are logged in, you'll get access to an internal area where we'll upload daily trades so you see and also learn from them.